2013 Black Friday Price Matching Tricks

Black Friday Price Matching Tricks

—– Demonstration of How to Get the Best Deals

1. What is “PRICE MATCH”?

“We guarantee the lowest prices!” “We’ll match any price or give you a discount if you find the same item for less at another store.” You’ve probably heard these claims before, often from major retailers. When one retailer offers to sell something for the same price (or an even better price) than you’d purchase it from somewhere else, this is called “price matching”. Price matching is common practice. Most stores that have price-match policies will need you to show some kind of proof, such as a flyer; they won’t match prices just on your word alone. Price matching typically only exists for items that are identical and also in stock. The sale items offered elsewhere must be the exact same item, the same model, the same color, and with the same attachments or bundled products. Most companies don’t match online prices. Additionally, some companies don’t offer these “lowest price guarantees” during their Black Friday sales.  Even if they do, they often won’t make the price matching process as easy. Accordingly, getting the lowest prices with price-match policies on Black Friday can definitely be a battle of wits.

2. Retailer Price-Match Policies At A Glance:

Retailer Price Matching Available? Price Matching on Black Friday?
Amazon Yes. TVs and Cell phones ONLY. No special instructions.
Sears Yes. But NOT on promotional sale items, Doorbusters or other special events. 14 days post-purchase adjustments allowed. No.
Walmart Yes. Match specific item with a specified price, BOGO offer with specified price, fresh produce and meat items.  Excludes exceptions * Yes. Must be contacted within Black Friday Sale period for refund.
Target Yes. Matches not only local competitors, but ALSO Amazon and some other online retailers. Excludes Black Friday Ads and exceptions *. Yes, Excludes exceptions *
Kohl’s Yes. Coupons are not allowed to be used in combination with a price match. Excludes exceptions * Most stores don’t offer the lowest price guarantee, need to contact local stores for detail policies.
Macy’s No. No.
Nordstrom Yes. Designer goods and cosmetics are excluded. No special instructions.
Best Buy Yes. Matching prices for new, identical, immediately available products from local competitors or online stores. Excludes exceptions * No.
Home Depot Yes. Match prices for identical, in-stock item from any local retailer and beat it by 10%. Excludes special orders and online purchases. Normal price match policies apply.
J&R Yes, Excludes exceptions ** Normal price match policies apply.
Lowe’s Yes. Price matching available for identical, in-stock items from any local retailer, and Lowe’s will also beat it by 10%. They will also match percentage off offers & match their own web prices in stores. Excludes special orders or discontinued items, clearance products, etc. Quantities limited. Normal price match policies apply.
Meijer Yes, Excludes exceptions ** Normal price match policies apply.
Office Depot Yes, Excludes exceptions ** Normal price match policies apply.
Radio Shack No. No special instructions.
OfficeMax Yes. Matches 110% for inks and toners, 100% for other items. Need to fill out Price Match Request for online matches. Normal price match policies apply.
Staples Yes, Excludes exceptions * Normal price match policies apply.
J.C. Penny Yes, Excludes exceptions * No special instructions.
Toys “R” Us Yes. Match prices from local and selected online competitor websites. Valid for in-store purchases only at time of sale or 7 day post- purchase. Each match will be limited to two items. Excludes exceptions* No.


Exceptions* usually refers to items advertised as limited time/limited supply/limited quantity. Prices for clearance, closeout, damaged, used, refurbished, open packages or liquidation sales cannot be matched. Most stores require price matching at time of purchase, or sometimes within 7-14 days post-purchase.

3. Black Friday Price Matching Tricks.

Be prepared! You are more likely to get a price match if you have the right documentation.

a. Save ads/flyers as proof. There are many other people looking for price matches during this time of year, and this can save you time even if the cashier would like to verify the price info online.

b. Check stock and model info in advance. Black Friday Ads usually don’t show how many of the promotional items will be in stock. Do your research, and see if it’s worth it to wait in line. If the item is out of stock before it should be, you can ask the retailer to price match a similar product.

c. Carefully read through the Black Friday policies for each store. Some retailers have different policies for Black Friday events. For instance, Sears has price-match policies, but excludes Black Friday sales.

d. Look for local deals first. Most retailers only match prices from local competitors.

e. Keep an eye on the time. Many retailers have set different time frames in their policies, and accordingly, you have to match the prices within this set amount of time. Some retailers have limited time offers, such as on Black Friday from 5 AM to 10 AM. After this time, other retailers probably won’t match prices for those items.

f. Ask. If you’re not sure about the price-match policy, ask the store associates. Try to remember the associate’s name, especially with Black Friday or other special sale events.

g. Keep your receipt. Most price-match policies state that price matches are only valid for items with a receipt.

Retailers that have the Best (easiest) price-match policies: Target, JC Penney, & Lowe’s

Good price-matching retailers: Best Buy, Home Depot, & Walmart

Retailers that have the toughest (not worth the effort) price-match policies: Sears & Kohl’s


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